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Similar to the Metals and Mining industries, the Forest Products industry spans a diverse range of sub-segments, including paper, packaging and building products among others. In North America, some of these industry segments are growing (tissue, flex packaging) while other are declining (coated paper). However, all are seeing varying degrees of cyclicality driven mostly by economic volatility (construction materials). And it’s well known that the developing world continues to expand capacity, offering growth opportunities to those willing to invest.


In addition to these volatilities, Forest Products, Paper and Packaging companies face the never-ending challenges of demand/supply balancing, cost control, sustainability and credit/currency risk management. The combined effect is a consolidation of declining segments to create more profitable capacity-disciplined companies, while the more profitable segments seek vertical integration opportunities and market expansion.


Venetia Partners has experience across many of the Forest Products industry sub-segments, delivering capabilities that have led to real outcomes. In particular, we have deployed integrated business execution processes via proven operating “playbooks” in supply chain management, procurement and sales force effectiveness, as well as Integrated Business Planning (IBP). Venetia Partners has also driven cash-to-cash cycle improvements and cost take-outs via its Rapid Performance Improvement offering.


We stand ready to leverage our Forest Products expertise to deliver Integrated Business Outcomes (IBO)SM!