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Metal anchors the core of most products manufactured and sold. Often thought of as “just a commodity,” a number of issues challenge the production of metal, whether they are exotic materials such as titanium, specialty steels, aluminum or more common commercial grade materials.


What makes the process difficult? For one, the chemical and physical specifications must effectively be managed throughout each step in the manufacturing process to meet customer requirements. Another factor is when customer order requirements are within manufacturing lead-times. Still, another is the fact that supply chains often include a combination of internal and external manufacturing steps in order to meet customer specifications, which often span across regions or even between continents. This is just a short list of the challenges the Metals industry faces.


Venetia Partners brings the capabilities to help Metals companies drive effective Integrated Business Outcomes (IBO)SM. Whether the current need focuses on Demand, Supply or Strategic Vision, Venetia Partners has playbooks that help companies optimize Working Capital, apply the correct service offerings to a segmented customer base and visualize their global supply chains by identifying bottlenecks to cash generation. We can even architect an integrated specification management system that provides clarity on customer requirements tied into on-floor manufacturing and testing procedures. Let us help you tackle your biggest challenges.