IBO Approach

Integrated Business OutcomesSM (IBO) represents the Venetia Partners’ proprietary framework and focus for delivering superior financial and operating outcomes for our customers. Collectively, our hundreds of years of experience have proven that best results and outcomes happen at the interface of business operations as well at the intersection with their customers, suppliers and every node in their financial value network.


IBOSM is at the center of what we do and how we do it!  Venetia Partners has assembled the tools, capabilities and methods, along with one of the most elite professional teams on the planet, to deliver lasting outcomes when it matters most.

Outcomes Delivered Include:


  • Revenue Growth – Existing Sales / Pricing / Mix, New Market Entry / Innovation, Mergers / Acquisitions Integration, New Business Models
  • COGS Reduction – Reduction in Cost of Goods Sold and associated Procurement Cost, Manufacturing Cost, Logistics Cost, Cost of Quality
  • SG&A Reduction – Selling, General and Administrative cost reduction through Organization Rightsizing, Product Rationalization, Off-Shoring / On-Shoring
  • Increased Cash Generation – Reduction of Days-Inventory-Outstanding (DIO) and Days-Sales-Outstanding (DSO), while increasing Days-Payables-Outstanding (DPO)
  • Profit Optimization – Mix/Margin Optimization, Performance Management Execution, Operational Excellence, Functional Excellence


Whether developing a new pricing strategy for improved market execution, reducing cost-to-serve, reducing inventory via improved supply/demand balancing or aligning the enterprise via Integrated Business Execution, Venetia Partners delivers real outcomes when it really matters!

IBO Approach Venn Diagram

When Outcomes MatterTM