At Venetia Partners, we leverage a select set of tools with the best hands-on business operational know-how to drive business insight, change and operational outcomes that are second to none! Our select and unique tools include: SAP (ECC S4/HANA, APO and IBP), Quintiq, and Oracle. By applying and operating a business with these tools, you can achieve Integrated Business Outcomes.


In addition, we have chosen a select set of business and supply chain analytics and optimization tools to support targeted performance management and improvements during specific “fix,” “build” or “transform” activities. For example, we leverage the Invistics Inventory Planner tool to quickly enable a company to right-size its inventory within a supply chain network. We also leverage the Schellingpoint process and technology tools to uniquely quantify alignment across an organization and across the lifecycle of a particular change deployment. We move the notion of alignment from an art to a science.


Lastly, we have developed some tools to fill the gaps where other tools fall short. For example, we can uniquely and rapidly assess a company or division with our IBO (Integrated Business Outcomes) Assessment. It identifies performance shortfalls and opportunities, highlights the most significant benefit areas to be realized and specifically determines what operational end-state outcomes are required for success.


While tools are important and can certainly be a game-changer for an enterprise, they must be expertly applied to gain the intended outcome. Venetia Partners has the operational mastery that allows us to identify and apply the right tool(s) in the right place and time. You need Venetia Partners “when outcomes matter.”