Venetia Partners Expands Consulting Integration Services to Include SAP IBP; Announces Claudio Gonzalez and Nico Groenewald as Senior Partners

March, 2021 – Venetia Partners LLC announces Claudio Gonzalez and Nico Groenewald as co-leaders of their SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) consulting practice. In these roles, Gonzalez and Groenewald are responsible for building the IBP practice to further expand Venetia’s Supply Chain Consulting services.


With combined supply chain consulting experience of 45+ years, the co-leaders bring broad industry experience from all facets of SAP consulting. Previously, Groenewald was the global IBP leader at a large multi-national consulting firm responsible for building and growing the IBP practice. Recently, Gonzalez was the lead solution architect for a large-scale and complex IBP roll-out which included all IBP modules. IBP was implemented simultaneously with S/4 during this initiative.


“Venetia Partners is already a leader in Supply Chain Business Process consulting and by adding a premier process enablement tool like SAP’s IBP to the mix, superior supply chain solutions are ensured for our clients. It is an honor joining a consulting company with such an excellent track record as Venetia Partners.” said Nico Groenewald


“Joining an exceptional consulting company like Venetia Partners made perfect sense. Implementing solutions like IBP require a high level of both technical and process experience, which is the foundational core competency at Venetia. I am looking forward to continuing Venetia’s long term track record of 100% implementation success as we grow our IBP practice.” said Claudio Gonzalez